Travel Tech: Maximizing revenue across the traveler’s journey

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Airlines, News

A white paper by Henry Harteveldt and Enterprise Ireland

New research undertaken by Atmosphere Research has uncovered that despite the drive for travel research and booking to be seamless, half of airline passengers say they are spending more time than they would like using digital channels while planning and booking their trips. When it comes to hotels, 45% of guests expressed the same sentiment while 70% say they would like to receive personalized offers from travel companies.

Every trip, from the first spark of an idea about taking a trip to returning safely back home, consists of countless micro-moments where a traveler is open to making a purchase. This white paper presents the need for airlines and hotels to enter ‘the era of complete retailing’ to distinguish their brands from their competitors, make their digital channels more compelling and strengthen their customer experience through the dynamic creation of relevant and personalized offers. The report also highlights Irish travel tech companies that are helping travel sellers to maximize these potential selling opportunities.

Download white paper here.