“What [customers] say they want and what they actually want sometimes aren’t exactly the same thing.” Innovating in line with evolving passenger expectations with Linda Jojo

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, Travel Tech

At World Aviation Festival, Linda Jojo, Executive Vice President, Chief Customer Officer, United Airlines joined for a discussion on the importance of understanding and meeting evolving customer expectations.

Linda pointed out some broad developments in passenger expectations and highlighted a discrepancy between customer behaviour and stated preferences. Illustrating this point, the United EVP revealed a surprising example: the no.1 meal choice for passengers during flight. The importance of supplying choice was underscored through this understanding of the multifaceted nature of passengers.

Looking to which innovations and technologies will shape the future of customer experience, Linda outlined the ways United is improving the mobile app. In addition to wayfinding tech, bag tracking, and an overall elevated digital experience, Linda showed the app is a communication tool that can be used to build transparency.

“What we’re doing is thinking about how we can provide transparency and frankly, give you some control back, especially when things aren’t going exactly to schedule. And so if a flight is delayed for any reason, it could be weather, it could be air traffic control, it might be something like a mechanical delay, we want to give you the information on our app so that you can see what your options are.”

To hear all this and more from this year’s Battle of the Apps winners, watch the full interview below.



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