Eindhoven Airport deploys AI to boost turnaround efficiency

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Airports, Digital Transformation, News, Travel Tech

In recent years, there has been widespread discussion around the benefits of AI and its potential to drive efficiency in the industry. One of the areas technology is poised to make a significant impact is the turnaround process.

Schiphol Group Aviation Solutions have developed Deep Turnaround which uses AI to improve the aircraft turnaround processes based on historic, real-time, and predictive insights for all stakeholders. It “gives insight into what before was a blind-spot in data,” making turnaround predictable, and fuelling industry collaboration.

In cooperation with Schiphol Airport, Eindhoven Airport have recently deployed Deep Turnaround, boosting turnaround efficiency by pre-empting delays. The technology uses AI image-based processing and an AI-based algorithm to predict aircraft departure time and in some cases the delay can be detected as early as 40 minutes before the targeted off-block-time.

Deep Turnaround is also rooted in collaboration, pushing to create a shared product road map for mutual benefit. Using a single community model across all stands and airports, knowledge acquired at Schiphol or any other airport is immediately available at Eindhoven Airport, and vice versa.

Lennert L’Amie, Director IT & Data, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol said:

“The insights provided by data help to make the ground operation more predictable. We’ve collaborated with various stakeholders on Deep Turnaround to make the ground handling process more transparent. It’s worthwhile to share this knowledge with other airports and learn from their experiences so that we can continue developing the product.”

Currently, at Eindhoven Airport four aircraft stands are equipped with cameras to monitor the turnaround process looking to grow to 14 by 2024.


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