Schiphol announces €3 billion upgrades to airport after “quantity took precedence over quality”

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Airports, News

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has announced a €3 billion spend, catching up on maintenance and upgrades between 2024 and 2027.

The airport’s CEO, Ruud Sondag explained:

“After too much of a focus on costs and growth for many years, we must now play catch-up in order to offer employees, travellers and airlines the necessary quality. Quantity took precedence over quality and that didn’t do the assets at our airport any good. Things need to be done differently and investments need to be made in our location and facilities to align everything with our quality and sustainability ambitions.”

Putting a priority on working conditions, reliability, sustainability, and safety, the airport will be undergoing major changes in the coming years. Some of the developments include renovation of the baggage system, addressing bottlenecks, and reducing the physical workload of employees.

Furthermore, the airport’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in changes which seek to phase out fossil fuel-powered ground equipment, prepare for a large demand of electricity with the electrification of ground equipment, and explore sustainability solutions in a move away from the gas grid.

With disruption from the changes expected to last until 2027, the airport warned it could not “rule out” inconvenience although it will attempt to limit the repercussions for travellers and airlines.

The Amsterdam-based airport has been in headlines recently with its controversial flight cuts as the Royal Schiphol Group plan to cut capacity by eight per cent starting this winter. Director General, IATA, Willie Walsh has been vocal in his criticism of the proposed cuts saying:

“It is essential that any decision be postponed until a fully functioning and accountable government with a fresh mandate is in place. This unprecedented and complex proposal can then be considered carefully, with the legal questions settled and the full facts and implications understood and in the public domain, and with sufficient time for the air transport industry to adapt if necessary, when a final decision is known.”


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