Social Data Sentiment

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Travel Tech

Social Data Sentiment


It has been a challenging summer for passengers. Booming consumer demand faced off against staffing shortages, ultimately leading to flight cancelations and a huge demand for customer support.

New research from data analytics firm Beyond identified key pain points for consumers, as well as trends in how well airlines responded online. This analysis translated into the company’s proprietary Actual Promoter Score (APS) ratings can deliver a view of how well airlines are meeting their passengers’ support needs and help drive adjustments in policies or staffing to react.

The Actual Promoter Score is derived from net sentiment analysis of online conversations about an airline. All data from across social media, review sites, news feeds and message boards are passed through both a positive/negative analysis and through a taxonomy analysis, that has been developed specifically for the airline industry. This approach allows for a deep analysis of passenger sentiment across all touchpoints from flight booking, through check-in to baggage reclaim and all the experiences onboard the aircraft.

Three key areas of customer frustration reviewed for the company’s latest research cover Flight Cancellations, Refunds, and Contacting Customer Support. As passengers return to the air, the research shows how flight cancellations become the flash point for a chain reaction that can easily overwhelm a customer support team.  It is vital to have the technology and passenger strategy to protect the resilience of a customer support function to enable it to flex up during periods of high demand and keep online conversations focused on the positive messages that drive sales.

The findings from the 2022 Summer of Travel Discontent include high praise for airlines that were able to develop and deploy self-service solutions for passengers to handle rebookings. Self-service customer support technology is not the entirety of the solution. Companies must still have human support specialists available to resolve passenger issues.

This research has been produced by Beyond using in-house tools and extensive secondary research. Beyond can also help airlines optimize the inflight service experience, delivering happier passengers – and higher Actual Promoter Scores – with expertise reinforced by data.


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You will find Beyond at the World Aviation Festival in Amsterdam, stand 12.89. They are looking forward to discussing this piece of research and how combining cutting-edge technology with innovative product design, and powerful data services can help monetise your passenger journeys and enhance your service efficiency.


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