Air India leverages AI to upskill employees with learning platform Gurukul.AI

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Airlines, Digital Transformation

Air India leverages AI to upskill employees with learning platform Gurukul.AI


AI is revolutionising the aviation landscape as it is integrated into the industry at many levels. New technologies are being harnessed to optimise across the board, enhance customer experience, and transform processes to name a few. One way an airline is applying the evolving technology is to enhance its employees’ skills.

In line with their five-year transformation programme Vihaan.AI, Air India has launched Gurukul.AI, a learning platform driven by artificial intelligence. This is designed to create personalised upskilling paths for every employee, leveraging technology to “cultivate state-of-the-art, world-class capabilities within Air India, enhancing employee productivity and skill sets to exemplify global standards.”

Dr Suresh Tripathi, Chief Human Resources Officer, Air India said:

“The introduction of Gurukul.AI exemplifies Air India’s dedication to cultivating a futuristic-learning experience, attuned to the unique needs of every single employee. In a rapidly changing world, the speed of upskilling and the availability of world-class learning content through digital innovations is imperative. Through this business-driven strategy, we are resolute in transforming Air India into an authentic learning organization.”

One exciting component of Gurukul.AI is the platform’s ability to provide hyper-personalised recommendations based on an individual’s unique learning trajectory, enabling the airline to deploy tailored upskilling paths. Combining over 70,000 advanced learning tools from just-in-time learning modules, micro-learnings, accessible mobile learning resources and more, Gurukul.AI will consolidate an array of materials at employees’ fingertips. Engagement is encouraged through gamification and interactive elements including a leader board to promote the culture of “Own your Growth.”

Initially the platform will be launched in phases eventually catering for a range of departmental requirements including Inflight Services, Ground Services, and Engineering.

As questions arise surrounding the significance of AI for the future of jobs, the application of technology to upskill workers is crucial.