“There is no silver bullet to decarbonising aviation.” Jane Ashton on easyJet’s multifaceted sustainability strategy

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Airlines, Interviews, On-demand, Travel Tech

Jane Ashton, Sustainability Director, easyJet joined for a discussion around the importance of adopting a multifaceted strategy and collaborative mindset when it comes to addressing the industry’s sustainability challenge.

easyJet is working to hit an interim target of reducing carbon intensity by 35 per cent by 2035, and a longer term goal of 78 per cent by 2050. However, the Sustainability Director warned “there is no silver bullet to decarbonise aviation.” Rather, the industry must commit to a wide-ranging, multifaceted strategy and show willingness to collaborate.

Discussing easyJet’s actions, Jane explained the airline’s approach has multiple layers including investing in fleet renewal and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), looking at operational efficiency, and calling for government to modernise airspace to name a few.

The airline’s Sustainability Director also highlighted that one of the key factors driving the industry’s progress is collaboration. In her discussion about the HIA alliance which unites major players in the UK aviation and renewable energy sectors, Jane highlighted the alliance relies on collaboration to accelerate the delivery of zero carbon aviation.

Thinking about the future of aviation, Jane summed up that the airline is working on “taking the carbon out of aviation rather than stopping people flying.” Watch the interview below to learn more.



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