“That’s the key to sustainability.” Technology and future challenges with Paul Griffiths

by | Oct 18, 2023 | Airports, Digital Transformation, Interviews, On-demand, Travel Tech

In a recent interview at the World Aviation Festival, Paul Griffiths, CEO, Dubai Airports discussed DXB’s strong recovery and explored the critical role of technology in tackling future challenges.

DXB made headlines in August, reporting its passenger traffic in the first half of the year surpassed 2019 levels, a major milestone for the global pandemic recovery. Looking to the future, Paul said that if the airport can report 100 per cent recovery for the whole year it would be “a great achievement and testament to the team.”

The conversation also explored the role of technology in pursuing sustainability. From capitalising on the abundance of solar energy in the region to optimising operations, the Dubai Airports CEO emphasised:

“The key to sustainability starts with efficiency and if we can make better use of scarce resource and use it more effectively and efficiently across all of the supply chain in an airport, then obviously we can create a much better outcome.”

During discussion on effectively responding to changing passenger behaviours, Paul also highlighted the importance of firstly identifying changes in your customer base, and secondly knowing their needs. The CEO demonstrated the various benefits of perceiving shifts in the landscape, noting a change towards younger, leisure-focused passengers, and the impact of this on the airports.

Watch the short, five-minute interview below to hear Paul’s thoughts on the importance of tech and collaboration for progression in the industry, especially when it comes to sustainability.