“Earning the industry its right to grow,” with Christina Cassotis, CEO, Pittsburgh International Airport

by | Nov 17, 2023 | Airports, Digital Transformation, Travel Tech

At World Aviation Festival, Christina Cassotis, CEO, Pittsburgh International Airport joined for a brief interview. The conversation covered a range of topics looking at the airport’s approach to innovation, sustainability, and passenger experience.

The airport, which was recently named one of the best in environmental sustainability already has a first-in-the-world microgrid and is working towards producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and hydrogen on-site. Looking at these examples and more, Christina explained how the airport is leveraging partnerships to drive innovation and “earn the industry its right to grow.”

Ensuring passenger experience remains at the heart of innovation at the new landside terminal, Pittsburgh International Airport’s CEO detailed a coordinated approach to making the airport accessible to all. Noting the importance of technology in innovation, Christina also highlighted the equal importance of inclusivity, saying:

“I think we have to make sure the airport environment as welcoming [for someone’s grandparent] as it is for the day traveller on a business trip.”

To hear from Christina on all this and more, watch the interview below.



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