AI Chatbot Lia Accelerates Enquiry Handling and enhances Customer Service for Montenegro Airlines During Unprecedented Times

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Digital Transformation, News

Montenegro Airlines recently employed Lia as their customer care and sales agent on the Montenegro Airlines website for 24/7 customer service and process automation with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). CodeGen’s AI chatbot enables immediate responses to day-to-day queries, reducing call volumes and freeing up call centre agents to handle more complex requests. At its core, Lia is designed to reduce operational costs while improving customer service and revenue growth.

One of Lia’s USPs is the curation of customised answers intelligently and learning over time. As the lockdown continued worldwide, CodeGen needed to accelerate the chatbot training to address the need of the moment for Montenegro Airlines. Lia’s AI-driven technology enabled the Airline to handle multiple varied queries simultaneously, easing the call centre operation all while the Airline staff worked from home during the COVID-19 crisis.

Lia is designed and trained to understand and answer queries with regards to general flight booking enquiries, FAQ’s, general information about a city, weather, etc., derived from CodeGen’s Sense Global Knowledge platform. Each response was understood using our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine and Context Awareness algorithms, making CodeGen’s travel chatbot very human-like and intelligent with real-time responses. The coronavirus however enhanced Lia’s capability over and beyond an intelligent conversational chatbot to an expert agent capable of handling a range of queries specific to the pandemic itself.

With Montenegro Airlines, our engineering teams accelerated the product delivery and continuously monitored the Airline’s customer satisfaction levels. With the situation changing fast, flexibility and agility were critical; chats were monitored daily to ensure enhanced content delivery and much more. CodeGen demonstrated resilience and commitment to improving the service levels of customers in quick-speed while offering cutting-edge solutions.

Lia successfully handled over 2000 conversations without any human interaction or handover for Montenegro Airlines during the past couple of months. The chatbot responded to general enquiries, cancellations, updates, refunds, frequent flyer details, etc. Montenegro Airlines also experienced a reduction in time taken to respond to clients and offered their services to passengers from over 20 countries through Lia.

Already on an upward trend, chatbots have certainly proved their worth during this challenging business environment presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even during the most extreme of events, Lia demonstrates agility and effectively resolved operational challenges in real-time.

Driving human-like conversations via an AI chatbot that understands natural language like Lia redefines customer engagement. It increases direct online sales, conversions and upselling capabilities; vital capabilities for travel business when we return to normality after such a large-scale global disruption. Find out more about the benefits of an AI chatbot here:

This blogpost was written by Codegen – one of our partners at the World Aviation Festival.