Is Airline Retailing the answer to the current state of the aviation industry?

by | Aug 26, 2020 | News, Retailing

Currently, many airlines are focused on restructuring during this period of 2020. A number are also taking the time to strategically reprioritise key projects and work more closely with technology partners. Airline Retailing, the latest development in airline sales and distribution, is one of the biggest industry disruptions in recent years and could be the answer to the current state of the aviation industry.

So how will airlines adapt to the current environment and prepare for the next wave of domestic and international travel? As the market leader in airline retailing, paving the way demands rethinking and redefining the customer retailing experience, working collaboratively, sharing our learnings, to shape the right strategy and execution plan, to ensure unrivalled success. This will position airlines not only for the recovery, but long after.

To get there, in complete alignment with IATA, Datalex has reimagined three critical new components that power an airline’s retail transformation:

The first is New Distribution Capability (NDC), this enriches the customer experience and differentiates the airline’s travel offers based on value rather than price to travel agencies and consumers across the travel ecosystem.

Secondly, Merchandising, is a “must have” component of the twenty-first century airline business model, enabling airlines to engage with travellers in new and exciting ways, with highly customised experiences, boosting loyalty and increasing revenues, across all retailing touchpoints.

Finally, Dynamic Offer completes the retailing triad, allowing the airline to “dynamically” adjust and adapt the content of the Offer, benefiting the airline and the customer to deliver what the customer wants and what the airline can charge for various options.

“The offer is an airline’s greatest asset.”


Airlines which embrace retailing are the ones who will thrive and survive.  It’s no secret that in the last ten years, revenue generated from retailing ancillaries has increased five-fold. IATA estimated that $873 billion would be spent on airfares in 2019. Ancillary revenues accounted for 12 per cent of global airline revenue or $23.91 per passenger.

Already, several of the world’s most innovative airlines have embraced retailing and have started to develop systems and standards. These early adopters are already selling a significant percentage of Orders through new retailing approaches and NDC channels, achieving greater competitive advantage.

The key to this success is a robust retailing and merchandising platform. An “out of the box” solution designed to avoid technical delays, easy to deploy, one that is anchored around the customer and driven by intelligence to deliver exceptional, seamless customer experiences—fast.

When customers know that they can trust your airline for a seamless shopping and booking experience, you’ll see the results, quickly. This is the fastest way to build your brand via an improved level of service. You will get to know and understand your customers better—not by pushing them through a funnel, but by delivering a high-quality experience.

There has never been a better time to become an airline retailer. Like the market Innovators, you can put the newest and best technologies to the greatest use, at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional IT ownership and maintenance, making use of your data, leveraging analytics to drive granular insights, helping you to sell your products and services the right way in pursuit of renewed and sustained growth.

How Datalex can help

As airlines take to the skies again, Datalex, too, is relaunching. Our refreshed, flagship products are here to help airlines on their journey and make retailing easy, giving them, and their customers, the flexibility they need.

Author: Datalex, one of our partners at the World Aviation Festival.